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Michael O'Connor

Horoscope for the Week of March 5, 2004

6 March 2004

Tip of the Week:

Pisces is a very special sign in the Zodiac. Most Astrology text books refer to it as the twelfth and last sign. In many respects it is. However, it can also be seen as the first sign! You see, Pisces is the sign of the collective subconscious. This is the bulk of consciousness that some psychologists erroneously refer to as the unconscious because we are largely unconscious of it from the perspective of our conscious mind.

However, the paradox is that the realities of the subconscious are so much greater than those of the conscious mind that from that standpoint, it is actually our conscious mind that is unconscious. This is why all the great mystics and seers say and have always said that most people are sleeping.

Some even refer to the masses as the living dead. They say this because the realities that exist below our consciousness are actually far more vast and real than those of our normal, conscious thought processes. For these reasons, Pisces is that part of our psyche that is most misunderstood.

Even the craziness of Aquarius refers more to the realities of consciousness than those of sub-consciousness. Aries is the first sign in traditional Astrology. Symbolically, Aries is like lava spewing forth from fissures in the earth's crust, which eventually become great volcanoes. However, where does the lava come from? The answer is the mantle which is comprised of a very thick layer of molten rock. This liquid state of rock and matter is akin to the sign of Pisces. While Pisces is usually linked to the oceans, the mantle of the earth is its own kind of ocean. Further, the oceans are linked to consciousness which has an oceanic quality and reaches beyond infinity to source.

Aries (Mar 21 Apr. 20)

Your thoughts of late are somewhere between an astral dream and material ambition. Hopefully you do not feel frustrated by this. This is a grand opportunity to think about what you are feeling and really feel into what you are thinking. Such a process characterizes learning to truly know oneself beyond the many outer hooks and distractions of our modern world. When this mode of being is exercised, we have the opportunity to move beyond the ignorance and arrogance that perpetuates psychological and emotional inheritances that, with greater awareness, one would happily leave behind. Yet, it is not that easy. It takes awareness which, in turn requires stillness, silence and meditation think about feelings, feel thoughts and then transcend both. Take some time out this week to breathe deeply, relax and see without reaction, blame or judgment. Your soul is calling; will you answer?

Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

Quality time in the limelight continues to call you out. Since all the world is a stage, why not play along and explore a fuller scope of your being. This requires imagination and courage. In certain respects, the great actors of the world are simply great pretenders. You can be one too! The time has come to entertain new possibilities. Since everything we experience and acquire without first begins as thoughts and feelings from within the heart, mind and magic-weaving-imagination in between, you can rest assured that all you need is within you now! Why not make the last part of the last sentence an affirmation. Since true security and fulfillment comes from love and gratitude, your just a few acknowledgement minutes away from experiencing some peak emotions. Rather than simply reflect upon this truth, why not give it a try and prove it to yourself. Move beyond being a believer and be a great pretender!

Gemini (May 21 Jun 20)

Gemini is the sign of the twins and so wherever this sign is active in a persons chart, there is a great need for relationship. Since it is your Sun sign, a core aspect of your destiny includes achieving successful relationships. At worst, there is a needy reaction towards constant companionship. The fact is that there is nothing in reality that is not in relationship of some kind with everything else. From a more sublime perspective, the transcendental is immanent Goddess is everywhere! In other words, we can only feel alone in our lower mind the intellect, which is the great deceiver to true reality, according to the mystics from both East and West. Ironically, the modern world deems intellect, reason and rationalism, the faculties of the lower mind, to be the great redeemers. A balanced relationship between heart and intellect is the perennial goal, yet the world is tilted to the intellect. To create balance, establish a relationship with the divine and awaken to the unifying nature of the heart the higher mind. Thus is the awakening that is coming to you now.

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 21)

Nothing short of a communion of the spirit is calling you out. Of course, often we "…gotta get in to get out"! So, get into the mood, the attitude, the head space, the feeling, the heart of oneness, ceremonial attire and/or whatever else you feel you need. This is your grand opportunity to rediscover yourself. This probably includes your professional life as much as your personal life. Get out of the box your mind may be in and attune to the changing rhythms. Let go into the mystery. You can still have goals and intentions, just leave fear, worry and control at the door. Breathe deeply with trust that there is a divine rhyme and reason to it all despite the illusion of our times. The illusion is the supremacy of materiality. Do you remember that we are actually divine spiritual beings having human material experiences? Do not let the marvels of science and technology and those who proudly promote the material supremacy to deceive you. Cynicism is the low end of intelligence, while innocence is the way of the wise. Feel the oneness!

Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 21)

Clearing the old to make way for the new continues to be in the spotlight. Hopefully, you are getting out of your own way at least as much as you are cleaning closets, cleansing your body and clearing the air. This means humbly recognizing bad habits and setting goals to replace them with better ones. Whatever is happening if you are there then you are a hundred percent responsible for your part. Be aware of being blinded by pride. Ego insecurity is the blinder. Of course, you are not alone because everyone has an ego. Meanwhile, career ambitions and possibly financial liabilities are helping you to feel the ground. Acquiring new knowledge, skills and experiences figure prominently in the overall plot. The danger now is excessive ambition backed by cold determination. You can have both, but warmth will allow you to enjoy the process as well as the fruits of your efforts. This means actively exercising gratitude. With old junk, attitudes and habits clear and an attitude of gratitude firmly in place you can achieve success and fulfillment too!

Virgo (Aug 22 - Sep 23)

The process of deepening in relationship while breaking free of co-dependence continues. True intimacy does not imply neediness. We all have material and emotional needs, but sometimes wants exceed the needs. This produces the hunger akin to a diet of refined foods a lot of bulk but little substance. You want to be and do all that you can be and do these days and nothing less. This requires a streamlined approach, on one hand. On the other it requires awareness, communication and adjustments in your relationships personal and professional. With the non-essentials out of the way, there is more space available for richer feelings and romantic moments. In the midst of these, be careful that you do not promise more than you can deliver. However, deepening your commitments is part of the paradox of this freedom oriented time. This may imply your significant other, your family, your health regime and/or your spiritual practice etcetera. To succeed with this complex process, clarify your priorities, gently yet firmly outline some clearer boundaries, and see the outcome as already successful associating pleasure to the process. Break free of shackles and deepen your bonds.

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 21)

So how is your health, Libra? Yours is the sign of balance, right! Of course, the balance point is not static. Rather it moves and changes along with the rest of reality. For proof of this look to the movements of the planets, the waxing and waning of the Moon, the ebb and flow of the ocean tides and the changing of the seasons. Why you can even imagine the rapid movements of electrons within molecules. The physicists go as far as to say that if everything in the universe from the stars to the molecules were to actually stop, everything would disappear. How about that for some science magic! So now, how is your health? Is everything moving along as you would like? Perhaps you or others close to you are blocked, static and unbalanced in one way or another. Nothing personal, of course; things get stuck sometimes. The time has come to get clear and flowing again so that the balance can continue to move along, as it must to be what it is a flow of change. Aim for your overall lifestyle and you will get all the parts of your life flowing in the balance again!

Scorpio (Oct 22 - Nov 20)

With so much creativity and imagination making its way into your consciousness, I pray that you are in a pioneering mood. Whatever happened in the past, or yesterday or a minute ago is behind you now. The point of power is ever in the moment, the passionate present eternal now! To keep pace with it, one must learn to be a dot, as opposed to a line. This means that at each and every moment you are fresh and alive. As a Scorpio, your destiny is to learn that the art of life is the art of dying. As Don Juan says, "Live life as though death is stalking you." I interpret this as meaning to live with respect for the present moment and the apparent passage of time. Time may ultimately be an illusion, but experiences and people come and go relatively quickly. True, this can be a painful truth, yet it is also a refreshing one. Besides, life and its creator make it so. Yes, makes it just like the fact that the image on the T.V. screen is actually recreated in rapid succession appearing as constant images. Fortunately, life is a part of death, not the other way around. No, I did not just predict that you are going to die soon so please do not call me and say I said that! However, even a lifetime is relatively short, so be a dot and catch the waves before they pass you by.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 - Dec 20)

You are progressively awakening to the powers or imagination and emotion these days. As though soaring on the wings of a condor, or is it the outer fringes of the S.S. Enterprise? In any case, you are experiencing feelings and visions that are even outreaching your expansive capacities. However, blocks from inherited mind patterns may be preventing the fullness of this expansiveness. That is why life is helping you with special experiences to let go of the apparently secure shore that you are clinging to subconsciously. Perhaps you are oblivious to this fact or in blissful denial or is it proud defiance? Then again, it may be all of the above. After all, many of your sign are so clever with logic and wit that you can even rationalize yourself out of existence! It is popular to say that home is where the heart is. Interestingly, what most people do not seem to know is that the heart is the portal to the soul which actually exists in a dimension of unity far beyond this realm of duality. In other words, this world is where we are born or incarnated into the physical, but it is not actually our true home! Let the wings of imagination take you home, but until you arrive there consciously, intend to break free of subconscious insecurity blocks and pay realistic attention to your, and that of those you love, actual material needs.

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)

Everyone is beginning to perceive reality in a new light. Yours is the sign of sober, realistic thinking. Of course, if you have Neptune or Pisces strongly accented in your chart, you probably never could identify with this dry generalization. In any case, you are learning to experience reality in a whole new way! It is as though you now have a new sense a sixth sense. Well, fact is that is exactly what is happening. You are developing your sixth sense. Fortunately, this is the sense that allows us to see beyond the limitations of the five senses of empirical thinking. Darn! All those clever arguments that the material universe is all there is and that all the spiritual masters and mystics and poets and psychics and other such sensitive types who claim to perceive subtler dimensions are deluded fakes, are ready for the shredder! Maybe even the Astronomers will warm up to Astrology again. So much too for the aggressive tactics to gain landslide funding for sci-fi projects from the coffers of the people's hard earned taxes that hardly benefit anyone, except for the relatively few engaged in them. It seems that soon, we will re-discover that the final frontier is consciousness itself, allowing us to be more conscientious of the real needs of humanity rather than overspend on fantasies the likes of colonizing Mars or other planet with an environment hostile to human life, which would likely turn out to be a nightmare anyway, albeit one that would stimulate the economy. In honoring your growing sixth sense, you may also perceive that you are eager to bring down to earth the love that is in the air for you. To contribute to doing so, thank your lucky stars!

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 19)

Gathering ideas and plans to create a more sustainable future is in the spotlight. Whether you are in a position to act upon your own needs or those of others, you are ambitious for new possibilities. This includes investments of one kind or another. Perhaps it is your time, or your talents or your money. In any case, you want to create a more solid base and mode of approach. You are after a true sense of security. This has a variety of angles. Initially, there is food, clothing and shelter. Then there are the other luxuries like cars and entertainment. Then there is the fact that you would rather die than do exactly what you feel you need to do to express a full sense of your individuality. Perhaps there is more you can add to the list. It is likely that your sense of security is attached to the personality, beliefs and behaviour of your father or father figure when growing-up. Think about that for a while. Are you now transferring that sense of protection with that father figure to someone else? Perhaps it is a mate, or lover, or an institution like a bank. The time is rapidly approaching for you to build a more independent sense and actual state of security. Engage by changing your mind beginning with becoming more aware of this childhood conditioning. Bring or continue to bring your energies forward in service to greater causes and you will break through!

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Building upon a more creative foundation for sustaining all your outreaching activities continues. This implies generating new ideas, perceptions and modes of approach. Children figure prominently in this process. Whether these are actual people of other kinds of creative offspring depends on your situation. In any case, you are eager to create something of lasting value. You are probably more capable of any task you put your mind to than you may think. The success formula includes knowing your outcome, getting started, trusting in your abilities and following through consistently. This creative revolution is really just getting started. You are on time. Just act according to intuitive guidance. The danger is that you will feel the guidance but deny and resist it then spend all your time escaping by daydreaming or whining about how everything is not being served to you on a platter or by sitting in front of the T.V. or at the coffee shop or bar or something. You are allowed to have moods and you probably have many. Being in the flow implies flowing with them. If you feel depressed, it is probably because you are out of gratitude, which means stuck in your mind rather than centered in your heart. Intend to push through fear and resistance by doing exactly what you want to do to make the contributions that providence is guiding you to do!

Michael O'Connor
Michael O’Connor is a professional Astrologer living in British Columbia. He has studied Astrology and associated subjects as they relate to the human potential movement for over 20 years and has been practicing since 1991.

His focus is on a cross-cultural view of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Cabbalah, I Ching, Yoga and a unique system of the psychology of ‘Birth Order Sequences’. His perspective includes Chinese, East Indian, Mayan, and European and North American cultures.

Combining the spiritual, religious, mythological and historical backgrounds of these cultures into a rich synthesis of understanding, Michael’s scope and insight proves very healing, directional and inspiring to his broad base of satisfied clients.

Michael O'Connor Websites:
Michael O'Connor
Michael O’Connor is a professional Astrologer living in British Columbia. He has studied Astrology and associated subjects as they relate to the human potential movement for over 20 years and has been practicing since 1991.

His focus is on a cross-cultural view of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Cabbalah, I Ching, Yoga and a unique system of the psychology of ‘Birth Order Sequences’. His perspective includes Chinese, East Indian, Mayan, and European and North American cultures.

Combining the spiritual, religious, mythological and historical backgrounds of these cultures into a rich synthesis of understanding, Michael’s scope and insight proves very healing, directional and inspiring to his broad base of satisfied clients.

Michael O'Connor Websites: